Alba PC 21 Day offer

As local property experts we have a large data base of LOCAL BUYERS - those people who are actively looking to buy property NOW!

We already know what they are looking for, whereabouts and how much their budget is.

We  are often able to line up buyers to view properties before the property even hits the internet portals - Rightmove, Zoopla, S1 etc or the FOR SALE sign goes up !

Because we are super confident that we might already know your buyer - we are now promoting our 21 DAY OFFER - Get an acceptable offer within 21 days or pay no selling fee!

Call us on 01506 500999 to arrange your FREE, NO OBLIGATION HOME VALUATION - and find out about our BEST PRICE FOCUS and how we will effectively market your property!

We never charge anything up-front and we always guarantee -  No Sale - No Fee !


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Our recent marketing campaign highlighted the current trend for Estate Agents to HIDE FEES!

Estate Agents often advertise LOW FEES - but then simply add them in to SOLICITORS FEES and HOME REPORTS..

So when a client pays the SOLICITOR or SURVEYOR - the Estate Agent receives a commission back which is really just a HIDDEN FEE!

These commissions are significant - ie £200 - £300 each! And many times Estate Agents contracts tie their clients in - so you end up having no choice but to PAY!

Alba Property advise all our clients to use trusted local solicitors and surveyors - We have special rates already agreed which all our clients have access to - with No HIDDEN FEES!

You may also notice that some agents charge for EXTRAS - like a floor plan , or marketing / photography etc etc

Alba Property offer a fully inclusive package - We dont charge extra for these items because we know that they are all REQUIRED in order to market a property to its best potential!

Dont be fooled by misleading Advertisements - if you would like to discuss any aspect of our offer, feel free to call us on 01506 500999 .

We are always happy to help.

West Lothian's property market is HOT just now - As we come into SUMMER, properties are SELLING FAST .

Call us to discuss to find out about our BEST PRICE FOCUS and how we can market your property to maximise its potential.



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As Local property experts Alba Property really do make every effort to ensure that all our homes for sale are presented in their best light. It is our attention to detail which  makes the difference. 

There are many things which you can do to help your sale - Here are 5 Superb tips which will help you get it right .

‘Everyone’ by now knows to De-Clutter ! Our advice is to CREATE SPACE – in every way possible , and in every room :

  • For Living rooms , this means getting rid of any kids toys which have become a permanent feature
  • For your Kitchen it might mean hiding away more obtrusive appliances like blenders
  • For Bathrooms – it definitely means putting away personal effects like shampoos and other wash gear
  • Open up blinds and let the light in!

 Obviously you need to clean your house! We recommend: 

  • Taking a tooth brush to your tile grout! 
  • Make sure internal bins are emptied prior to your viewings too. 
  • Don’t forget to wipe down your skirtons and clear away the cobwebs! 

You may have heard of Home Staging – The best presented homes really do sell the quickest ! And for more!

  • Beautifully present your bedroom to give it a luxurious boutique hotel feel.
  • Show off your Living room and make sure your solid oak flooring isn’t hidden under an old rug. 
  • Fill your fruit bowl!    

Consider your viewer’s experience. This doesn’t stop at Kerb appeal - This means: 

  • Making sure the parking spaces outside your house are available
  • Your garden must be tidy and well kept 
  • Lighting  your solid fuel fire , or your leave your gas living flame fire burning to full effect

 Make the right impression

  • Perhaps you should ask your viewers to remove their shoes or provide blue cover shoes 
  • Switch on any mood lighting you have installed – internal and external – let your viewer know that everything works 
  • Make sure that any small jobs which need to be taken care of ( perhaps highlighted in your Home Report ) – are already taken care of.

We know these kind of tips can be too general – but hopefully they will inspire you to think about what’s right for your home .

Alba Property SELL beautiful homes throughout West Lothian .  If you have any questions about how your home should be presented – Call us to find out more.

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The recent trend towards online everything - from banking to travel agency - has also seen the entrance of online estate agents into the market . 

Of course local estate agents have been using online channels  since the internet started - we use Rightmove, Zoopla, S1 Homes, Facebook, etc , etc ..

Since the value of a property sale is so high, the service provided by a local estate agent is usually required to ensure  all the details are taken care of , and everything goes to plan.

However we also understand that some clients are keen to take on some of the responsbility themselves - and make cost savings in the process . 

This is why we have now introduced our onlline marketing option - you get the same level of conventional online marketing - via Rightmove, Zoopla & S1 homes- You even get the same access to our database of local buyers - but you handle your own viewings and a few other ' hands-on tasks ' which are usually covered by our normal service . 

Remember we are still actively marketing your property - so when prospective buyers call or email us to find out details - we are still happy to talk to them and tell them all about your property and the local area. The local connection and knowledge is still very important. 

If you are interested in an online marketing option - call us today on 01506 500 999!

Part 2 - the obvious - what is their marketing like?

In Part 1 , we suggested the tried and time tested strategy of the Mystery Shop - an excellent first step into checking the quality
of the service on offer. Perhaps now you should turn your attention to some of the detail - How do the best agents market their
properties ?

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The best agents will discuss a COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING CAMPAIGN with you - and the others might  attempt to spend ten minutestaking photos during a Valuation appointment in a race to list your property! Avoid that at all costs!

Remember the best marketing will attract the right sort of viewers- and ultimately the BEST PRICE. So what might be included in your marketing campaign ?

  • HOME STAGING - Your agent should know your property and discuss which features will be a focal point of the marketing - They will discuss how best to present your property.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY- Your agent should arrange a photographer who will take their time to get the best shots of your property. He will  also spend more time processing them back at the office. And if a new photo shoot is required - perhaps because it was rainy and dark that day , or perhaps you now need new shots to reflect the new season - they should be prepared to come back!
  • BROCHURE- its easy to compare different agents brochures by viewing their online listings - perhaps you should download a few different agents brochures to compare? Do they look good? Are they easy to read with engaging text and do they contain all the information you would want? 
  • FLOORPLANS - Rightmove tells us 'Buyers are less likely to enquire about a property without a floorplan' . Buyers find it easier to visualise themselves in the property with a well designed and clear floorplan.
  • ONLINE PORTALS?  Rightmove, Zoopla and S1 Homes ? You want the best quality coverage.
  • ONLINE PRESENTATION- how does your agent present their online listings ? Do they include all the information a buyer might need in order to make the decision to request a viewing ? Can they easily access your home report ?
  • FOR SALE SIGN - you need to consider which type of sign and its placement!
  • GO LIVE! - What is the strategy for the day which your property goes LIVE ? Who is the agent talking to before , during and after this day ? Does the agent utilise an email database of prospective buyers ?

All these items and more need to be covered in a sound marketing plan which really needs to be tailor-made to your property - Do you have the confidence in your agent to manage everything on your behalf?

Alba Property always provide pdf brochures with floorplans and a For Sale Sign - ALL FREE OF CHARGE .

We also advise our clients on all aspects of their marketing campaign and have access to additional 3rd party services as required - for example Video and Aerial Photography, which we dont use as standard. We really do design your campaign around your home - so everything is taken care of for you.

Why not download your FREE copy of our ULTIMATE Guide to SELLING your West Lothian property here...